C2:Giant structures

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  • C2:Giant structures
    • Graphine
      • Made from Carbon
      • Black
      • Soft
      • Slippery
      • Lubricant (in pencil leads)
      • Conducts electricity
      • Free electrons (so can move)
      • layers can slide over each other
      • weak forces between its molecules
      • Explain why Graphene is  strong; ( 3 marks)
        • Graphene is strong because it has strong covalent bonds. it also has a lattice structure.
      • Explain why Graphene can conduct  electricity (2 marks)
        • Graphene has free electrons so therefore it ca conduct electricity
      • Explain why Graphite is a lubricant (2 marks)
        • Graphite is a lubricant because it is slippery and its layers can slide over each other. it has weak forces between its molecules.
    • Diamond
      • Hard
      • Made from Carbon
      • 4 strong covalent bonds
      • Clear
      • High melting point
      • Do not conduct electricity
      • Very hard
      • All the atoms are joined in diamonds.
      • Each atom in a diamond is  bonded to 4 other atoms


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