C2 topic 1 revision questions

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  • C2 Topic 1 Revision
    • Mendeleev
      • What is his table now called?
      • What was taken into account when the table was drawn? (2 things)
      • Elements with similar properties were organised in what way?
      • Why did he leave gaps?
    • Structure of the atom
      • A nucleus is made up of? (2 things)
      • 2 names for where electrons are in the atom
      • What are the three types of subatomic particles?
      • What are the relative atomic masses and charges of each subatomic particle?
      • What is an atoms overall charge?
    • The modern Periodic table
      • What does an elements atomic number refer to?
      • What is the mass number referring to?
      • What are the top and bottom numbers called?
      • What is the symbol for relative atomic mass?
      • What is the 'standard' atom in relative atomic mass?
      • How is RAM calculated?
      • What is an Isotope?
      • What are the rows and columns called on the periodic table?
      • How is relative abundance calculated?
    • Electron shells
      • How many electrons are allowed on each shell?
      • What happens if an atom doesn't have a full electron shell?
      • What does the period number tell you?
      • What does the group number tell you?


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