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  • C2 Material Choices
    • Polymers:
      • Atoms:The smallest part of an element
        • Molecules:Is two or more atoms joined together
          • Compound: is a chemical made of molecules which contains at least two differnent sort of atoms
            • Monomer: is a small molecule which joins together with another monomer molecule to make polymer molecule is a process called polymerisation
    • Molecules by design
      • hardening rubber:Natural rubber is a very flexible polymer
      • found around 1840's charls goodyear spilt some sulfer and rubber on the stove by the next morning it had hardened the process is called vulcanization
      • Softening polymers: pvc is a good safe polymer for making childrens toys pvc is used to soften and more flexiable. UPVC is often used for making windown frames these need to be durable and hard the U means unplasticized
    • Crude oil
      • Two kinds of atoms in molecules are carbon&hydrogen
      • The differcnce between carbon&hydrogen is the number in each of them.
      • Crude oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons.    hydrocarbons are molecules with only carbon and hydrogen in.


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