C1h - Paints and Pigments

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  • C1h - Paints and Pigments
    • Ingredients of paint
      • Binding medium, sticks the pigment in the paint to the surface
      • Solvent, thins the paint and makes it easier to spread
      • Pigment, a substance which gives paint its colour
    • Oil paints
      • The pigments despersed
      • Often contains a solvent which dissolves the oil
    • Thermo-chromic   pigments
      • They change colour at different temperatures
      • Used as visual thermometers
        • Used in the manufacture of cups - colour shows when how hot it is and whether its safe to hold
        • Used in electric kettles to keep users safe when using boiling water
        • Used in babies food and bath toys to indicate if the drink or bathing water is too hot
      • Thermo-chromic pigments can be added to acrylic paints to make an even more colour change.
    • Phosphoresce   pigments
      • This special pigment is much safer than the older alternative of radioactive paints
        • Often exposure to radioactive substances mostly results in cancer
      • These pigments glow in the dark
        • They glow in the dark because:         - they absorb and store      energy           - they release the energy as light over a period of time
    • Paint is a colloid, this is where particles are mixed and dispersed with particles of a liquid (binding medium) but are not dissolved.
      • Components of a colloid will not separate due to the particles are too scattered throughout the mixture whilst being very small and do not settle at the bottom
    • How do paints dry?
      • Most paints dry because:  - Paints are  applied as a thin layer         - the solvent evaporates
        • Emulsion paints are water-based paints that dry when the solvent evaporates
      • Oil paints dry because:         - the solvent evaporates     - the oil is oxidised by atmospheric oxygen


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