GCSE Chemistry C1b

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  • C1b Using Carbon Fuels
    • Factors influencing the use of a fuel:
      • Availability
      • If easy to use
      • If toxic or not
      • If it can be stored easily
      • How much it costs
      • Energy Value
    • Coal is easy to store as it is a solid
    • Complete Combustiuon
      • Needs lots of air so that the elements in a fuel can react fully with oxygen.
      • Produces Carbon Dioxide and water
      • hydrocarbon + oxygen    ?    carbon dioxide + water
      • Produces more energy
    • Incomplete Combustion
      • Occurs when there is less oxygen. Water is still produced but carbon monoxide is produced.
      • hydrocarbon + oxygen       carbon monoxide + carbon + water
      • Produces less energy


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