C1- Particles

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  • C1- Particles
    • Element: A pure substance only containing one type of atom.
    • Isotope: Atoms of the same element with different number of neutrons.
    • Atom: Smallest particle of an element to be able to chemically react.
    • Molecule: Group of atoms held together by covalent bonds
    • Compound: 2+ types of atoms joined together
    • Mixture: Different type of atoms, close but unjoined, and their identities are retained. (e.g. alloys, solutions, suspensions, colloids)
    • Relative Atomic Mass (ar): Average mass of the isiotopes of an element vs. C12 atom.
    • Changes
      • Physical change
        • reversible
      • Chemical change
        • irreversible
        • heat involved
        • new substance formed
    • Atomic # = Proton #
    • Atomic Mass # = Nucleon #
    • Mass = molar mass x moles


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