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  • C1 Air Quality
    • Gases in clean air..
      • Nitrogen N2 78%
        • Oxygen O2-21%
          • Argon-Ar- 1%
            • Carbon Dioxide- CO2-0.04%
              • Water Vapour-H20- vARIES 0-4%
    • Human activities add primary pollunants to the air
    • Secondary pollutants are made when primary pollunants react in the air
    • All the atoms in an element are the same. The atoms in a compound are not all the same
    • Power stations produce electricity.They also produce pollution
    • Coal is mainly carbon but it does have some sulphur atoms too
    • A correlation is a link between 2 things eg- as one thing changes so will the other such as as the pollen count gets higher more heyfever prescriptions will be given out
    • Reducing pollution from cars by walking riding a bike using other ways of transport


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