C1- Air Quality

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  • C1- Air Quality
    • Evolution of the atmosphere
      • The Earths atmosphere is a layer of gases which surrounds our planet.
      • Scientist believe it has had the same number of gases for roughly around 200 millions years
      • The first primary atmosphere for the Earth was made from Hydrogen and Helium
      • Volcanoes gave out gases such as Carbon Dioxide, ammonia. hydrogen, methane and water vapour
      • Earth has a similar atmosphere to Mars and Venus
    • Nitrogen 78%
    • Oxygen 21%
    • Argon 1%
    • Carbon dioxide was removed from the atmosphere by dissolving in the oceans and then forming sedimentary rocks. and by the formation of fossil fuels
    • Coal is mainly carbon
    • Oxygen can be obtained from the atmosphere and can be used to support combustion
    • Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide react with water and oxygen to produce acid rain
    • Carbon dioxide is used in plants in photosynthesis
    • Carbon dioxide dissolves in rain water and in sea water
    • Catalytic converters reduce harmful gases that cars produce, such as; Carbon Dioxide
    • A substance chemically combining with oxygen is an example of oxidation
    • Atoms are rearranged during a chemical reaction
    • The only way to produce less carbon dioxide is to burn less fossil fuels


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