Modern Britain

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  • C.1900-Present: Modern Britain
    • Ideas: genetics and life styles
      • Mendel showed how human traits could be passed between generations
        • microscopes showed DNA in cells
          • Watson and Crick worked together = genetic codes of DNA fit together
            • Wilkins and Franklin discovered double helix
              • Watson lead Human Genome =every gene in the human body
      • better understanding of genetic conditions
      • stem cells could grow into other cells
      • no way of preventing genetic diseases of treatment
      • smoking
        • emphysema
        • high blood pressure
        • many cnacers
      • drinking alcohol
        • many cancers
        • kidney disease
      • diet
        • certain types of cancer
        • heart disease
    • Improvements in diagnosis
      • laboratories to test skin or blood
      • x-rays, scans & endoscopes to see inside the body
      • monitors to see what happens over time
      • Medical Tech
        • Microscopes
        • Incubators
        • prosthetic limbs
        • pacemakers
        • MRI, CT & ultrasound scans
    • Change in care and treatment
      • Magic Bullets
        • compound that would attack and kill microbes
        • compound of salvarsan  cured syphilis
        • second bullet cured some blood poisoning
          • lead to curing: pneumonia, scarlet fever and meningitis
      • antibiotics destroy bacteria
        • inspired discovery of penicillin
      • high-tech medical and surgical treatments
        • radiotherapy
        • kidney dialysis
        • fitting pacemakers
        • organ transplants
      • advances
        • keyhole & microsurgery= tiny cameras ans insturments
        • robotic surgery= surgery carried out remotely
    • Preventing disease
      • THE NHS
        • people could see a GP
        • provides hospital care and operations
        • health visits for pregnant women and children
        • healthcare for the elderly
      • compulsory vaccinations
      • more testing, laws and disposal of rubbish & sewage =prevention methods
      • life style campaigns to raise awareness funded by the government (change 4 life)
    • Fleming, Florey & Chain (Key People Mindmap)
    • CASE STUDY: Lung Cancer


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