c1 chemistry

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  • c1 chemistry
    • Fractional distilation
    • bonding
      • Ionic bonding-attraction between 2 opposites. Positive and negative
    • Combustion
      • equations
    • Polymers
      • Made when small molecules join together. they are found in plastics
      • Monomers-a single molecule
      • Polymers-lots of molecules joined together
    • Food additivies
      • Antioxidants:stops food reacting with oxygen
      • Food colours; gives food improved colours
      • Flavor enhancers; improves the flavor off food
      • Emulsifiers; helps oil and water to mix and not seperate
  • hottest point; at top has highest boiling points largest molecules
    • coolest point at top smaller molecules lower boiling points
  • fractions have hydrocarbons ONLY hydrogen and carbon
  • Covalent bonding-attraction between 2 bonds that are the same. Two positives
  • Symbol equation is balanced when number of atoms is the same on each side
  • positive ions- formed when electrons are lost from atoms
  • Craking
    • Turns large hydrocarbon molecules into smaller


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