C1 - Assumptions Part 2

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  • C1 - Assumptions
    • Positive
      • - Concerned with the positive aspects of life
      • - Focuses on people succeeding and human strengths
      • 1. The acknowledgement of free will
      • 2. Authenticity of goodness & excellence
      • 3. Focus on the 'good life'
      • 1. One part of the good life is connection with others. This means that being in a romantic relationship may make a person feel like they are experiencing the good life
      • 2. Feelings of love & kindness for example are authentic. Being in a romantic relationship allows people to develop and express their signature strengths
    • Psychodynamic
      • - Concerned with the unconscious part of our mind
      • - Our unconscious mind influences how we behave
      • 1. Behaviour is influenced by different levels of consciousness
      • 2. We have a tripartite personality
      • 3. The influence of childhood experiences
      • 1. The idea of relationships may bring up bad memories for someone. In this case ego defence mechanisms may be used to reduce anxiety. These mechnaisms can alter a person's personality which can affect a person's ability to form romantic relationships with people.
      • 2. Fixations experienced as a child can cause a person's personality to change if they are repressed too much. This could mean that when it comes to finding a partner, a certain person may act irrationally.


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