C1 Chemistry

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  • C1
    • crude oil and fuels
      • Alkanes
        • saturated CnH2n+2 Butane single bond
      • Alkene
        • unsaturateCnH2n Ethene double bond
      • Fractional distilattion
        • Breaking down hydrocarbons
        • Using a catalyst
          • short chains of hydrocarbons are good fuels and are low on the  column
      • Biofuels
        • They are carbon neutral and made from plants
        • Remember  (sugar cane field)
          • Made from vegetable oils
            • Make ethanol
    • fundamental ideas
      • compound= two or more elements chemicallycombined
      • Mass number = protons + neutrons (more)
        • Atomic number = number of protons = electrons
    • metals and their uses
      • Ore- contains enough Metal that it is worth extracting
      • Metals that are less reactive than Carbon in the reactivity series for example Iron
        • Iron can then be extracted from its oxide using  carbon
          • Reduction which happens in a blast furnace
            • When  Iron is put into the blast furnace, it contains 96% iron.
              • This makes it hard a brittle instead of cast iron
          • Iron + carbon = steel
      • Alloys = harder , resistant corrosion
        • Alloy= brass made of copper and zinc
      • Low density metals = aluminium and titanium
        • extracted using electrolysi-s
      • Extracting Copper
        • Phytomini-ng using plants to absorbs copper compounds then burnt
        • Bleaching uses bacteria to produce solutions


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