business studies

all the main fats you need to know

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  • Entrepreneur
    • some one who is willing to take a risk and set up a business
    • why would some one start there own business
      • sources of business ideas
        • friends
        • family
          • think that there is a room for a new business
            • friends
            • niche market
              • a new sale that appeals to a specific, small part of the market
                • vegetarian shoes
                • luxury kennel service
      • reasons for setting up your business
        • to control there own future
        • work fewer hours a week
        • be your own boss
        • to help others
      • Stakeholders
        • .A person with an interest or concern in something, esp. a business.
        • An independant party who puts money into a business
      • Sectors
        • primary sector
          • organisations that are at the first stages of production and use raw materials
        • secondary sector
          • Untitled
        • tertiory sector


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