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  • Business Plan
    • A report describing the marketing strategies, operational issues and financial implications of a business start up
    • purpose
      • set clear objectives and review
      • guide towards strategy to meet objectives
      • show financial investors
        • bank manager financial advice
      • working document
      • entrepreneurs to plan ahead in a realistic way
    • support they are receiving
    • personal information of the owner- CVs
    • long term forecast of the business
    • details- name location, legal structure of the business and description of product
    • SWOT analysis
    • details of fixed assets, machinery and premises
    • SMART Objectives
    • Finanical documents, sales and cashflow forecast, projected prfoti and loss account and balance sheet
    • Marketing place is there a gap In the market, market research results, the type of market, size and location of market, description of potential customers, details of promotion and selling techniques and product price
    • Staffing: part time, full time, permanent, temporary and amount needed
    • Collateral provided
    • details of finance needed from investors
    • Production plan how good/services created, day by day what is involved (materials, staff, equipment, charity


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