entrepreuneurs and entreprise

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  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
    • Key terms.
      • Calculated risks - risk decisions based on a careful comparison of the risks set agaisnt the rewards expected from a decision.
      • Entrepreneur - someone who owns and poerates their own business, assuming the responsibility, risk and rewards for that business.
      • Mentor - an experience adviser to be there when needed.
    • Skills needed by a entreprenuer
      • Self critical
      • Confident
      • Innovative
      • Passionate about the idea
      • open minded
      • develp ideas
      • take risks
    • Motives for being an entrepreneur
      • Making money
      • Help people with a service
      • looking for a challenge to prive themselves
      • For greater satisfaction
      • control over working life
      • spotting an opportunity
      • improve an existing product
    • Good entrepreneurs
      • Take calcuated risk
      • Launch new ideas in reponse to changing needs
      • accept that at the start of  a new business you will make a loss
      • Plan cash flow - so manage expenditure
    • Bad entreprenuers
      • lack of planning
      • ignore risk
      • act to fast
      • make large changes
      • no back-ups
      • spend freely
    • characteristics
      • understanding the market
      • determination
      • passion
      • persuasive abilities
      • to build relationships with others


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