unit one - leadership and motivation

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  • B+E unit one Leadership and motivation
    • McGregor 's theory X and Y
      • managers think one of two things about their employees
        • Theory Y
          • workers enjoy work and want to contribute
        • Theory X
          • workers don't want to work and avoid it when possible
            • only motivated by money/benefits
    • Maslow's hierarchy of needs
      • self actualization
        • self esteem/ recognition
          • social needs/sense of belonging
            • .....safety needs - security/protection.....
              • ........physiological needs - hunger/shelter........
      • ........physiological needs - hunger/shelter........
      • people are only motivated by the things they don't yet have
        • if a leader can work out where their workers are on the table they can work out how to motivate them
        • development
          • herzberg's two factor theory
            • motivators
              • responsibility etc.
                • the presence of these will motivate
                  • only applicable to western cultures
                    • a lack of these will de-motivate
            • hygiene factors
              • working cconditions etc
                • a lack of these will de-motivate


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