Business - Induction Training

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  • Business Management
  • Induction Training
    • Training given to staff to allow new members to settle down
    • Teachers new employees roles and responsibilities
    • Teachers them health and safety e.g. fire solutions
    • Improve communication skills
    • Reduces anxiety and stress which allows them to produce more
  • Off the job training
    • Learn how to complete the task/job in a different place seperate from your workplace.
    • An advantage is that their is no preasure and if you make any mistakes you will learn not to make them again during the actual job. You will also learn everything you need to know and learn it correctly.
    • A disadvantage is that it is time wasting as you will have to go to another place and it is also a waste of money to be taught by someone else.
  • On the job training
    • You learn how to complete a task as they are working in their work place
    • An advantage is that they dont have to travel to go to a seperate place to learn how to do their job and also this will save a lot of money.
    • A disadvantage is that you dont gain external qualifications and if you get anything wrong during the actual job you could face consiquences


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