Business Ethics

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  • Business Ethics
    • Corporate Social responsibility
      • A belief that businesses have a responsibility towards society and environment as well as their own interests
        • Employees; breaks, healthcare, working enviroment
        • Customers; good quality, discounts, correct advertising, refunds
        • Local Community; Helping those in need, schooling, charity
        • Enviroment; recycling, efficient, waste management
        • 'Profit more important than principle'
        • 'Window dressing'' for company desire of profit
    • Whistle Blowing
      • Informing the public of wrongdoing taking place in company
        • e.g Edward Snowden revealing government spying
          • For
            • We have a right to know
              • Safety of the public
                • Justice needs to take place
          • Against
            • Breaking a contract
            • Disloyal
            • Could misinform
    • Good Ethics is Good Business
      • Good business decisions are good ethical decisions
      • Good examples; John Lewis boycotting soda-stream (Israel)
      • Bad examples; Ford Pinto, possibly hurting others for profit
      • Out sourcing (Not helpful, efficient). Street shops (cheaper, not ethical), Green energy (Helpful for everyone)
    • Globalisation
      • 'Integration of markets, strategies and business across the world'
        • e.g Mcdonalds, Nike, BP, Shell
        • For
          • Helps LEDC's
          • Increases profit
          • More efficient and cheaper products
        • Against
          • Could effect local industry negatively
          • Exploits LEDC's for natural resources, pays low wages
          • Loss of individuality and culture
          • Puts small business out of business
    • Kantian Ethics
    • Utilitarianism
      • Pleasure over pain, could allow cheap products if workers are not harmed
      • Could allow enviromental damage
      • Rule vs act utilitarianism


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