Business Ethics

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  • Business Ethics
    • Stakeholder
    • Shareholder
      • Someone who owns shares in the company
    • 7 principles for a good business
      • Humans dignity people are valuable by virtue of their being not because of usefulness
      • Common Good a state of affairs in which everyone can flourish
      • Solidarity people are interdependent and are responsible for each other
      • Fraternity brotherhood we should treat everyone as brothers and sisters
      • Reciprocity giving to everyone what is due and being willing to do more that justice requires
      • Sustainability the belief  that we are responsible for maintaing earth and its resources for ourselves and the future
    • Friedman
      • " there is one and only one social responsibility of business to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increases profits so long as it stays within the rules of the games
    • Utilitarianism
      • Singer
        • Preference
        • Everyone's preferences are equal and must be taken into account when making decisions
      • Mill
        • Rule
        • Accounts for the minority's ( usually those exploited)
        • Laws must be followed
    • Kantianism
      • Respectability to employees
      • Businesses should appreciate consumers there are no just a means to an ends
      • Focuses on actions not consequences
      • A disadvantage is some believe that the outcome is more important
      • Set rules don't always work
    • Whistle Blowing
      • Revealing to the public some sort of wrongdoing in a business
      • Where is the duty to expose the corruption or loyalty to the company




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