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  • Stakeholders and their objectives
    • STAKEHOLDER – individual or group who has an interest in a business and may be directly affected by the activities of that business.
      • Internal stakeholder – stakeholder directly involved within the business
      • External stakeholder – stakeholder who is outside the business but is still linked to it
    • Employees- objectives and interests
      • Remain profitable and for the business to succeed
      • A good salary and working conditions
      • Recognition so a promotion.
    • Owner/ founder- objectives and interests
      • Remain profitable and for the business to succeed
      • Set aims/ objectives for the business to grow
      • Be competitive
    • Shareholders- objectives and interests
      • Dividends ( share profits)
      • Profitable
      • good return for their investments
    • Customers
      • Good value for money
      • Good quality products and services
    • Suppliers
      • Paid on time
      • Continued orders
    • Local community
      • Informed of any major changes
      • Respect
    • Government
      • Ensure business follows laws
      • Growth of business for better business opportunities
    • Bank
      • provide loans and expect repayments and interest
    • Consequences of businesses not listening to stakeholdersStakeholders can influence and change the way a business operates in a competitive world. Popularity of social media means mistakes can be quickly viewed worldwide, and have huge impact on a business’s reputation and future business prospects.


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