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  • Different business activities
    • Primary Activity-The key purpose of businesses involved in primary activity is to gather raw materials by mining, fishing, agriculture, oil/gas extraction.
    • Secondary ActivityThe key purpose of businesses involved in secondary activity is to make products by manufacturing (eg. cars), processing (eg. food), assembling (eg. TVs), or constructing (eg. houses). They use the raw materials from primary activity businesses.
    • Tertiary Activity- The key purpose of businesses involved in tertiary activity is to sell goods or provide services. Services include hairdressing, banks, transport. As countries become more industrialised and the demand for services increases, more employment in tertiary activities is created.
    • Different Sectors of Operation
      • Private SectorBusinesses operating in the private sector aim to make a profit. These businesses are owned by private individuals or groups of shareholders (eg. sole traders, partnerships, LTDs, PLCs)
      • Public Sector-Organisations operating in the public sector are run by the government and provide a wide range of public services like healthcare and education.
      • Third Sector-These are organisations which do not aim to make a profit, and are not government owned. They rely on donations, fundraising and grants eg. NSPCC.


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