Burning fuels

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  • Burning Fuels
    • with plenty of oxygen (complete combustion)
      • water vapour
        • turns blue cobalt chloride paper pink
      • carbon dioxide
        • Turns limewater cloudy
        • Greenhouse  gas
          • Global  warming
            • Drought,  heavier rain, melting polar ice caps, sea levels rising
    • with insufficient oxygen (incomplete combustion)
      • carbon monoxide
        • colourless, odourless gas, toxic to humans
      • unburnt carbon or soot (particulates)
        • can lead to asthma, bronchitis & other respiratory diseases
        • causes global dimming
    • if they contain sulfur impurities
      • sulfur burns to form sulfur dioxide, SO2
        • causes acid rain
        • stop the SO2 escaping
      • remove the sulfur from the fuel
    • if they burn at very high temps (eg in a car engine)
      • they react with nitrogen to form nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2 or N2O4)
        • causes acid rain





great advice from emilky

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