Bulpitt - reasons for non-adherence

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  • Bulpitt
    • Aim:
      • To REVIEW research on ADHERENCE in HYPERTENSION patients.
    • Methodology:
      • A review article. The research studied was research which identified problems with taking DRUGS for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.
    • Procedure:
      • Research was analysed to identify PHYSICAL effects of drug treatment on a person's life - work, physical well-being, hobbies and more.
    • Findings:
      • Anti-hypertension medication can have many side effects. Side effects are those such as: dizziness, physical-sleepiness, lack of sexual functioning, cognitive functioning.
    • Conclusions:
      • When the costs of taking medication such as the side effects outweigh the benefits of treating a mainly asymptomatic problem, there is less likelihood the patient will adhere to their treatment.


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