Building of the Berlin wall

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  • Building of the Berlin wall and its importance.
    • Ulbricht
      • Only solution to solve immigration
    • USSR as a whole
      • Not in favour- could be the catalyst for west to impose trade restrictions
      • West could enforce military action.
    • How it was built
      • Phone lines cut first
      • Gradually
      • More permanent when west did not retaliate.
    • Impact of the wall
      • Economy stood a better chance of succeeding
      • Improved in the 1960s
      • Anti facist protection
      • Individual lives distressing
      • Many people tried to escape.
      • At least 136 people.
    • Could control people much better.
      • 'Anti fascist protection barrier'.
    • Influence of Khrushchev
      • Tried to act as pacifist.
      • governments relaxed their control.
      • Peaceful co-existance
      • 1958, asked the west to withdraw troops from Berlim
        • 1961, Kennedy refuses to withdraw from Berlin.


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