Buddhism attitudes towards Wealth & Poverty

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  • Buddhism attitudes towards Wealth & Poverty
    • Right livelihood means that making money should not determine ones employment.
    • Businesses should be run on the principles of metta & karuna
    • Nothing is wrong with being rich & successful - what matters is how the money is acquired & how it is used.
    • Gambling breaches the First & Fifth Precepts
    • Gambling is motivated by greed, so it effects karma
    • Riches make a man foolish - The foolish can't handle the wealth & stay true to their religion
    • Danna = charity - Those with more riches should give more as they have necessities to live (non-materialistic)
    • Wealth is acceptable if it promotes the well-being of the community & society
    • In our world today everyone is looking for self-happiness; if you wish to be happy then care for others. This brings lasting happiness - Dalai Llama


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