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  • Buddhism
    • Eightfold Path
      • Perfect vision
        • Understanding that life is changing all the time. we can't find happiness in things that change
      • Perfect emotion
        • Having the right attitude to life- showing goodwill to all
      • Perfect meditation
        • Helps to train the mind so that you can become calm and in control
      • Perfect awareness
        • Always being aware of what you are doing and the consequences for yourself and others
      • Perfect effort
        • practising good thoughts and efforts
      • Perfect livelihood
        • Doing work that is helpful not harmful to other living things
      • Perfect action
        • Always doing the right thing and showing kindness to all living creatures
      • Perfect speech
        • truthful and avoids gossip and words that are hurtful
    • Three universal truths
      • Anicca
        • Everything changes, Nothing is permanent
      • Anatta
        • We are not permanent
      • Dukkha
        • We grow old, we get sick and die- and so do other people. things wear out, get spoilt or expire. this makes us uncertain and sad
    • Four Noble truths
      • 1 : the facts
        • There will always be some form of suffering in life of a feeling that life isn't perfect
      • 2 : the reason
        • Suffering is caused by Tanha (craving). This feeling of wanting cannot bring happiness because things are always changing
      • 3 : the answer
        • Accept that things change. Treasure each moment, living the best way you can. don't be self- centred. If you live in a  way that is good and helps others you will be happy.
      • 4 : how to go about it
        • Follow the advice given in the Noble eightfold path. This path out the Buddha's guidance on the way to live so that you are at peace with yourself
    • The five Precepts
      • Negative form
        • 1.Harm
        • 2.Take
        • 3. Harm to yourself
        • 4. Offend others
        • 5. Lose control
      • Positive form
        • 1. Love
        • 2. Honest
        • 3. Calm
        • 4. Truth
        • 5. control
    • The tree jewels
      • The Buddha
        • His example
      • The Dhamma
        • the teachings of Buddha
      • the sanga
        • The community of Buddhists


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