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  • BsCom Theory
    • Aims and objectives.
      • Aim: A broad statement of what a business would like to achieve over a long period of time .
      • Objective: A specific target for a business to meet, which helps them to achieve their overall aim(s)
    • Stakeholder
      • Stakeholder: A person or group with an interest in a business
      • Trade union: An organisation that employees can join, which represents their interests
      • Legislation: Laws are passed to make sure that businesses are responsible
      • Sustainability: Running a businesses that cares about resources it uses. For example, a business that uses a lot of paper might support a tree planting scheme
    • Successful business
      • Growth: The increase in size of a business's sales or profit
      • Profitability: The ability of a business to make profits.
      • Market share: The amount of sales a business has compared to the whole market, usually expressed as a percentage
      • Cash flow: The amount of money flowing into the business from selling, and flowing out to buys materials and pay bills
      • Ethics: Principles and values that influence how a business runs
    • Administration
      • Administration: The tasks that support the main purpose of the business and ensure that it is run effectively.
      • Data: Facts and figures of any sort held by a business that can be processed to give information
      • Data Processing: Dealing with data in a way that makes it more useful to the user providing information
      • Data retrieval: Finding data needed as quickly and simply as possible
      • Disseminate: Pass on data to those who need to use it
    • Business functions
      • Human resources: The business function responsible for all aspects of recruiting and retaining employees
        • Objective: A specific target for a business to meet, which helps them to achieve their overall aim(s)
      • Marketing: The business function for linking the business with its customers through activities such as market research, advertising and promotions
    • Health and safety
      • Regulation: An official rule or law
      • Display screen regulations: The official rules to protect people whose work involves using a computer
    • Flexible working
      • Teleworking: Using broadband connections, computers and mobile phones to work from home for some or all the week.
      • Flexi-time: An arrangement where the working day has core hours that must be worked and then flexibility to work the remaining hours as the employee chooses.


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