Bruce: Religion and social protest (The American civil rights movement)

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  • Bruce: Religion and social protest (The American Civil rights movement)
    • Interested in the relationship between religion and social change.
    • The American Civil Rights Movement
      • Began in 1955 and ended in 1964.
      • They achieved an end to racial segregation using religion by:
        • Taking the moral high ground by pointing out the hypocrisy of white clergymen who toughed "love thy neighbour," but supported segregation.
        • Channelling Dissent
          • For example: Martin Luther King's funeral was used to rally for the cause.
        • Acting as an honest broker
          • Acting as if they are above politics.
          • Churches can provide a context for negotiating change.
        • Mobilising public opinion
          • Black churches in the South successfully campaigned for support across the whole of America.


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