Brothers - Andrew Forster

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  • Brothers
    • Context
      • By Andrew Forster
      • He often refers to everyday objects and experiences
    • What is the poem about?
      • A boy who spends the afternoon with his brother
      • explores sibling relationships
      • written by an adult but from the eyes of a child, his brother seen as a nuisance
    • Language Features
      • imagery - 'saddled' negative feelings, restricting
      • verbs show character - 'talking' 'ambled' older brother, younger brother 'skipping' windmilled'
    • Structure
      • Three stanza - three times during the afternoon
      • Free verse - no clear rhyming scheme
      • 1st - sets the scene 2nd - shows disruption to their plans 3rd - reveals the separation of the brothers
    • Themes and ideas
      • aspiration to be older 'what grown-ups do' older boys view themselves as wiser
      • sees age as an advantage, 'His smile, like mine, said I was nine and he was ten'
      • the feeling of superiority is later regretted, 'looking back' literally and metaphorically.


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