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  • Brothers
    • Personal Response
      • What difference would it make to what you think of the poem if the younger sibling is a sister? I don't think it would make a lot of difference because you feel sorry for the child as it is so young.
      • Why do you think the poet chose to call the poem brothers? To show the clear relationship, no matter what happens/ happened they will always be brothers. To show a sibling relationship
      • What does the last line suggest about the relationship developed after this event? The distance created in the relationship had never closed or been fixed.
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • GUILT- the narrator presents his younger sibling as eager, using childlike innocent terms. This makes the narrators actions seem worse.
      • FRUSTRATION- the narrator and Paul want to get away from the younger child
      • REGRET- suggests even at the time, part of him wanted to go back, and he wishes that he could close the distance in his relationship with his younger brother.
    • About
      • The narrator remembers a moment frm his chilhood. He and his elder brother are given responsibility of looking after their younger brother for the afternoon. They are exasperated with him- but excited to be out on their own. They send their younger brother back to get his bus fare but they run on, leaving him behind
    • Comparison
      • In Paris with you/ The farmers bride/ To his coy mistress/ Ghazal/ Nettles/Sister Maude


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