Branches of the Government

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  • Branches of The Government
    • The Legislature (i.e. Parliament)
      • Consists of elected representatives
      • Lies outside the state and government
      • Give formal consent to new laws
      • Discuss and agree changes in the law
      • Provides accountability to the government
        • The government is held accountable to the electorate primarily through the legislature
    • The Executive
      • The PM and elected ministers supported by appointed advisers and civil servants
      • Has the authority to exercise power in running the country
      • They must remain accountable to the people
      • It has three main roles...
        • Develops new legislation
        • Arranges for  new laws to be implemented
        • Runs the state and therefore the country
    • The Judiciary
      • Refers to the legal system (judges in particular)
      • Judges at the highest level can concern themselves with political matters
        • Disputes about the meanings of laws
        • Matters concerning citizen's rights
      • They are expected to maintain a neutral stance


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