British Values and Principles

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  • British Values and Principles
    • Mutual Respect
      • Mutual Respect is 'a feeling that something or someone is good, valuable, or important, shared between two or more people.
        • Respect is a building block in all of our lives, it is not something that you can enforce on someone, you cannot make someone be respectful and you can't just suddenly turn respectful.
    • Individual Liberty
      • Individual Liberty is when everyone is free according to their wishes, still having to abide the law.
        • Their wishes must be OK with the people who live in the UK. It is OK to live in group or separately, you should not be penalized.
          • Penalized means subject to a penalty or punishment.
    • Tolerance
      • Tolerance is the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behavior that one dislikes or disagrees with.
        • One way we can show tolerance to each other is to respect each other religions and not persecute them for following their religion.
    • Democracy
      • Democracy is a system of government chosen and voted for by the whole population
        • Democracy is a fundamental aspect in our British life. All citizens should be able to participate in the democratic process. Every voter's vote should be of equal importance. They should be fair and open and regular elections.
    • Rule of Law
      • Rule of Law is when people of a country view the law and government as a restraint. After a civil war or during a state of unrest there is no rule of law and everyone is out of order. Britain has a very good state of rule of law.


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