British political impact of the Napoleonic Wars 1793-1812

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  • British political impact of French wars 1793-1812
    • William Cobbett denounced growth of government in his Political Register
      • Cobbett  was a political journalist and exposed govt's mishandlings of war in his Political Register
    • 1793-1801 first phase of the war
      • brought to a close by the Treaty of Amiens
        • signed in March 1802
          • Henry Addington prime minister at this point
    • Addington declares war May 1803 after Napoleon breached the peace terms
      • Addington built up a Home Guard for a possible attack by Napoleon
        • Levee en Masse Act introduced July 1803 listed all men between 17 and 55
          • 800,000 men across all social classes under arms. Impossible to train them all properly
          • Biggest armed mobilisation attempted in Britain
      • Addington introduced efficiencies on income tax to boost war funds
        • Ordered a clean up of corruption within Navy Board
          • Importance of attacking France's trading ability
            • Blockade of French ports
    • Addington resigns May 1804
      • Third Coalition between Britain, Russia and Austria
      • Horatio Nelson's British victory over French at Trafalgar October 1805
      • Pitt PM again
        • Asa Briggs 'time had not made Pitt a great war minister'
    • Lord Grenville PM 1806
      • Failure in establishing clear war strategy
      • Brought down by issue of Catholic Emancipation
    • Spencer Perceval PM 1809
      • Asa Briggs: he 'provided the nucleus of the administration which won the war'
    • None of the PMs adopted an overall clear strategy but by 1812 Napoleon was overstretching his resources - Britain could take advantage


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