Britain alone

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  • Britain Alone
    • Churchill
      • MP who critisied the government appeasement policy (avoiding war). When war broke out he was in charge of the navy. On 10th May 1940 he was made prime minister. He had a great ability to inspire people to keep going.
    • Dunkirk
      • Only french port not held by Germany- operation dynamo= rescue as many troop, estimated amount was 20,000 total amount saved was 338,000- a large part of the BEF and many allied troops as well
      • Importance- evacuation seen as victory, helped british morale. 'Dunkirk spirit'- phrase used to mean keep going.
    • BEF
      • On 10th May Germany lauched operation Yellow(blitzkerg through europe)- German planes bombed the area to be occupied, tanks took over the area, troops used artillery fire, planes and tanks moved on as troops occupied the area. It was an unexpected, terrifying and very effective plan. The BEF and other allied troops were forced to retreat to evacuate
    • The Battle of Britain
      • Battle between the Luftwaffe and RAF for control of the air over Britain- it lasted many months
      • Britain won: They had radar which detected any moving objcts warning the RAF where the Luftwaffe was and how many. The luftwaffe had more bomber planes but RAF had more fighter planes, they also replaced lost planes quicker than Germany.
    • The Blitz
      • Preparing for war- built air raid shelters, sandbags (stop building bomb damage), barrage ballons(stop planes flying low), blackout. Homeguard to help clean up. Evacuation of children and some others.
      • The Bombing of British cities by the luftwaffe from 1940-1941, lasted 76 nights, 75 of which London was bombed. Conventry and liverpool (US ships docked) were both targeted. Different to other raids- targeted citizens rather than buildings so that the public would no longer support the war.
      • Did it work- it disrupted daily life and left many homeless however didn't affect morale
      • Coventry- RAF bombed Munich and in retaliation the Luftwaffe bombed Coventry. Bombing lasted 22 hours, thousands of bombs dropped seen 150 miles away, 500 killed, thousands of injuries, 4000 houses destroyed. Returned 40 times.
      • Baedeker raids- after Blitz bombing continued but to smaller towns. Alot of damage but Luftwaffe had many loses. The Germans looked for ways to bomb Britain from a distance- V1 9000 lauched (some didn't reach or explode) killed 6000, V2 was faster, 5000 lauched, only 1000 reached britain and killed 2700 people
  • Importance- evacuation seen as victory, helped british morale. 'Dunkirk spirit'- phrase used to mean keep going.


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