Britain, health and the people

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  • Britain: Health and the people (medicine)
    • Medical Progress
      • Avicenna wrote the Canon of Medicine which became a standard European medical textbook.
      • Muslim medical scholars, like Rhazes and Ibn al- Nafis, were critical of some ancient learning.
      • Dissection for learning was banned.
    • Medicine in the Middle Ages
      • People didn't know what caused illness so they blamed it on: Punishment from God, Miasma (bad smells) or astrology (movement of planets.
      • Different types of medical people.
        • Barber Surgeons, did amputations, blood letting and dentistry.
        • University trained doctors, this was controlled by the church so only the theories of Galen and Hippocrates were taught. therefore dissection was not allowed.
        • Apothercarie-s, used a mix of herbal remedies.
        • Wise- women, used a mix of natural remedies to cure illnesses.
    • Common treatment for illnesses.
      • Purging (bloodletting)
      • Giving you something to make you vomit or go to the toilet.
    • The Four Humours
      • Medieval doctors based cures on the Ancient Greek theory of the 'balance of the four humours'
      • Yellow Bile
      • Black Bile
      • Blood
      • Phlegm


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