Bristol Harbourside Redevelopment

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  • Bristol Harbourside Re-development
    • Scheme
      • Set up in December 1987
      • Purchased 900 acres of industrial decline
      • Grained £41 million from lotteery
      • £21 million for partnership
      • largest development
    • Successes
      • £500 million coming in from inverstiment
      • creation of the environment
      • 3000 new jobs
      • transformed environment attracting art,restaurants, leisure,cafe and businesses
    • Failures
      • not created jobs for unskilled
      • new housing is very expensive
      • poor equality within classes
      • not supported the poor people, bad socially
    • Original  problems
      • social and economic inequalities
      • vast areas of derelict land
      • 20% of population unemployed
      • severe deprivation - 50% of children get free school meals


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