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  • Bristol
    • Situation
      • Bath, Gloucester, Newport nearby
      • On banks of River Avon
      • M4
      • In the southwest of the Cotswold Hills
    • Site
      • Grew on the River Avon and the River Frome
      • The settlement spread up the river valleys and the hills between them
      • Bristol has seven hills which are formed from the valleys from the two rivers
      • The settlement grew due to trading with south wales and ireland
    • Connectivity
      • Developed as a trading settlement with Spain, Portugal and colonies in the New World
      • Sugar cane, tobacco and rum came to England through the port of Bristol
      • Bristol has excellent railway links with the rest of the UK with two major stations - Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway
    • Key Terms
      • Urbanisation - the increase in the living in towns and cities compared to the number of people living in the countryside
      • Suburbanisation - the growth of a town or city into surrounding countryside which usually joins it to villages on the outskirts making one large built up area
      • Counter urbanisation - the movement of people from cities to countryside
      • Re-urbanisation - the movement of people back into urban areas from the country
      • Emigration - process of moving out of a country
      • Immigration - the process of moving into a country
    • Housing
      • Inner city contains residential properties. Its a very high density area containing terraces
      • Inner suburbs are less dense and many of the houses are detached or semi-detached
      • Outer suburbs are larger and usually detached with big gardens and garages




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