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  • Brighton
    • Facts
      • Brighton is an English seaside resort town
      • Its broad shingle beach is backed by amusement arcades and Regency-era buildings.
      • it's a popular day-trip destination
      • A seaside resort on the south coast of England
    • Attraction
      • Built attractions: Brighton Pier, Sea Life Centre
      • Historic attraction: Royal Pavilion
      • Brighton Museum & Art Gallery
      • Festival -the Science Festival in February
    • Transport
      • Bus & Coach - National Express
      • Train - London Victoria – 52 minutes (direct)
      • Car - London to Brighton is approximately 50 miles, with a journey time of about 90 minutes, depending on the traffic. Simply take the A23/M23 south until you reach Brighton.
      • Ferry - Newhaven to Brighton – 30 minutes direct
      • Air - London Gatwick Airport  - Easyjet, British Airways, Thomas Cook
    • Agents
      • Public -Brighton & Hove City Council. National & local government agencies – Department of Culture, Media & Sport
        • To provide a good visitor experience and information. 
      • Private -Premier Inn Brighton City Centre, The De Vere Grand Brighton, Ibis Brighton City Centre.
        • Their objective is to make money from tourismitled
      • Voluntary -Conservation & heritage organisations – The Regency Society, English Heritage 
        • to care for the old buildings in the city. 
    • Tourism development
      • 1750 Sea bathing become fashion 1783 prince of Wales choose Brighton as his favorite resort  1787 Royal privilege
      • 1841 Railway ¼ million visitors resort  1900 1 million visitors 1950  still a popular resort
      • 1970 period of decline as foreign holidays grew  1976 Rejuvenation Brighton center speed 2016 latest new is the i360, which is 453ft high
    • Positive
      • Economic
        • Jobs for locals are created in attractions, hotels, restaurants and shops
        • Money spent by tourists makes many businesses richer
        • Government collects more tax
      • Environment
        • The council spends money to keep the resort well maintained, clean and attractive
        • The council and the local water company make sure that the sea water is clean and of a good enough quality for swimming
        • The council cleans the beach very day
      • Socio-cultural
        • Gay pride
        • Leisure facilities e.g. the pier, the marina, Brighton wheel, cafes, pubs, restaurants, art gallery, museums, football stadium, cricket grounds, swimming pools.
        • Tourism brings locals and tourists in to contact with each other so that they can understand each other better
    • Negative
      • Social -culturl
        • Overcrowding – on busy summer days the beach is packed
        • Some of the leisure facilities/activities e.g. Brighton Wheel,  may be too expensive for the locals to use
      • Economic
        • are fewer jobs in the winter when the weather is too cold, wet and windy
        • Some jobs are seasonal and low paid e.g. waitresses in restaurants, chambermaids in hotels
        • Jobs created in the resort e.g. fair ground attendants, are not suitable for all school leavers
      • Enviornment
        • Litter left by tourists can cause damage and environmental blight
        • Increased car traffic has led to noise and air pollution
        • Noise from visitors can annoy the locals particularly at night when the pubs and clubs empty
    • sustainable tourism 
      • To improve the physical environment - clean beach & safe resort, have sustainable transport (cycle lanes), have high quality public spaces (parks & gardens), Plenty of parking, New improved facilities e.g. Brighton stadium for football
      • To have sustainable responsible tourism - good quality well-paid jobs in tourism, zero tolerance of bad behaviour
      • To improve the quality of the visitor experience - staff training for tourist workers to ensure good quality customer service/hospitality & welcome skills, good web site, Good quality accommodation
      • To improve local community involvement in tourism - residents & tourist industry to work in partnership, ensure improvements in services & facilities benefit locals as well as tourists


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