Brechtian Techniques

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  • Brecht Techniques
    • Music/Song
      • Characters frequently and sudden burst into song - sometimes directly to the audience
    • Multi-Rolling
      • Actor commonly perform more than one character in a drama
    • Ensemble
      • Actors on stage at all times and who perform together
    • Direct Address
      • An actor speaking directly to the audience
    • Gestus
      • The combination of gesture, facial expression and body language is used to create meaning and communicate a message to the audience
    • Narration
      • Where parts of the play are narrated rather than acting them, telling the audience what is going on
    • Speaking Stage Direction
      • The actors speak the stage directions directly to the audience
    • Placards
      • Signs or projections which tells us what's going to happen before each scene
    • Tickle And Slap
      • Lull the audience into a false sense of security and then hit them with something shocking
    • Epic Theatre
      • Distancing the audience from the action, to stop them becoming sympathetic with te characters


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