Breast cancer

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  • Impacts
    • Financial
      • Missing work to attend appointments for example visiting breast cancer specialist nurse or going for chemotherapy treatment.
      • Having to stop work or lose job due to tiredness and weakness from chemotherapy treatment.
      • Receive sick pay from work  because too weak from chemo. to work.
    • Physical
      • Loss of hair due to chemotherapy
      • Nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy
      • Tiredness and weakness caused by chemotherapy
      • Chemotherapy can reduce fertility as it it may damage eggs.
    • Intellectual
      • Increased knowledge of breast cancer.
      • Poor concentration due to chemotherapy
    • Emotional
      • Embarrassment due to loss of hair or loss of breast from mastectomy.
      • Fear and anxiety about what is going to happen to them and their loved ones, perhaps especially mothers.
      • Guilt about the strain it is putting on the family. Or if genetic them feel guilty about passing it on (family or woman to children)
      • Anger that it has happened to them.
      • Detached feelings.
    • Social
      • Difficulty with sex and intimacy especially after a mastectomy.
      • Difficulty talking to friends and family about it because they don't have a shared experience of it.
      • Not taking part in social events or group activities perhaps because of feeling self conscious because of hair loss, mastectomy or feeling weak and tired due to chemo.


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