breakdown of relationships

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  • Breakdown of relationships
    • 6 stages Rollie and Duck - breakdown, intra psychic, dyadic, social. grave dressing, resurrection
      • reasons for breakdown - lack of stimulation, lack of social skills, maintenance difficulties
        • Real world application CCET Cina et al marital satisfaction 50 couples 12 years higher after training
        • Extra marital affairs Boekhout et al men students rate unfaithful sexual  reasons, women emotional reasons
        • Many LDRR work see each other regularly, no decrease satisfaction  Holt
        • methodology uses p's individualist cultures, may not apply to more permanent collectivist cultures Moghaddam et al, students
      • Support resurrection process Tashiro et al Students break up emotional distress but personal growth
      • model stress importance communication whatsaid, topics etc effective intervention at stages, intra psychic consider positive behaviour, not just faults
      • gender differences women unhappiness sexual withholding Brehm et al
      • ethical issues confidentiality fear of recrimination, distressing, privacy


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