Brazil's energy mix

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  • Brazil's energy mix
    • BRIC
      • developing
      • 6th biggest economy in total
      • growth rate-2.8% compared to 0.5% in UK
    • Oil and Gas
      • 40yrs of oil left
      • 20 yrs of gas left
      • oil is 7000m below ground-2000water, 5000 rock= expensive to exract
      • USA buys 40% of oil from Brazil
    • renewable energy
      • want to increase this to become more self-reliant
      • Sugarcane used-sustainable, however this diverts focus on food production
        • food production of rice and beans down 20%
      • Fertilisers, pesticides, fermentation... how much energy is used and chemicals
    • Natural Gas
      • Brazils consumption is 86million cubic metres


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