Sao Paulo: Brazil Case Study

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  • Brazil - Sao Paulo
    • Located half way between Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro
    • Food giant - agricultural economy - exports
    • Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil
    • Sao Paulo is the financial capital of Brazil
    • Sao Paulo attracts internal migrants - rural-urban migration
    • World Cup 2012, Olympics 2016
    • Favelas
      • A type of shanty town in Brazil
      • Associated with extreme poverty
      • Rural-urban migration for jobs
        • Cannot find jobs
          • Cannot afford a property so end up in a favela
      • favelas are growing at a quicker rate than cities themselves
      • Brazil under pressure to reconstructor remove favelas
        • 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics
      • Favelas being gentrified
        • Building small apartment blocks known as Singapore's
          • 95% of Singapore's pop live in apartments
      • Crime
    • Sao Paulo Centro
      • Original centre for banking and finance
      • People started moving away in the 80's
        • Looked old
        • No car parking or lifts
      • Now crime ridden
      • Lots of abandoned buildings
      • Lots of homeless people
      • Pockets of poverty 'crackland'
    • Sao paulos Global Investment Zone
      • Centre for global cooperations
      • Modern with car parks, lifts and helicopter landing
    • sao Paulo Gated Communities
      • Protect residents from exterior violence, crime and traffic
      • Wealthy upper and middle-class residents
      • Alphaville
        • 40,000 people living there
      • An island of wealth in an ocean of poverty
      • Swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses etc


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