BPS ethical guidlines

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  • BPS ethical guidlines
    • Deception
      • should only be used if there is no alternative
      • needs approval
    • Informed consent
      • pp's should be given all information they need to decide whether to participate in research
    • Protection from harm
      • psychological & physical safety must be ensured
    • Privacy
      • should only observe people where they expect to be observed by other people
    • Confidentiality
      • pp's should feel safe that any sensitive info, results or behaviour revealed through research won't be discussed with others
      • info obtained during a study should remain confidential unless pp says otherwise
    • Debriefing
      • must always debrief pp's after a study to allow them to ask questions
        • and for the researcher to remind the participant of their right to withdraw
    • Right to withdraw
      • pp's must be aware that they are free to leave a study at any time


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