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  • BPA (MOCD)
    • bleeding - a breach of the circulatory system
      • possible causes
        • menstrual bleeding
        • natural diseases i.e. coughing, varicose veins
        • decomposition
        • injuries
      • amount depends on:
        • size/severity of breach
        • circulatory pressure
        • drugs/alcohol in system
        • external factors i.e. clothing
    • what is it?
      • examination of the shapes, locations and distributions of bloodstains to establish the events that created them
        • dont assume!
    • what can it tell us?
      • at a crime scene
        • Position of victim and offender and/or objects at time of bloodshed
        • Movement of persons and/or objects around a crime scene
        • where was the fight or struggle?
        • Possible type of weapon used
        • Minimum number of blows, shots or actions
        • Possible offender injuries
        • Amount and nature of blood staining on assailant
        • Has anyone attempted to clean up after the assault?
      • on clothing
        • Actions of the individual wearing the clothing
        • Position of the individual wearing the clothing  when the blood was deposited
      • on weapons/objects
        • Was the item used as a weapon or was it just present when blood was shed?
        • Was the item moved after blood was deposited?
        • Was an attempt made to clean the item?
    • limitations
      • May not be related to actual assault
      • Overlapping patterns
      • Movement through scene afterwards
        • ?Paramedics, witnesses, officers, scientists
      • Multiple people bleeding
      • Parts of the picture may be missing
      • Always something that can’t be explained


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