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  • BP
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
      • Ruining environment – ruining their green reputation
        • 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill
        • rebranded as Beyond Petroleum to portray as the greenest
    • Contingency Plans
      • Inadequate
      • Making it up day to day
    • Leadership (change)
      • John Browne
        • Re-brand BP as a "green" energy company
        • Turned them into the 3rd largest energy company
        • Known as one of Britain’s best leaders. Charismatic leader
        • Acquired ARCO and Burmah Castrol in 2000.
      • Tony Hayward
        • Finds a way to blame others, evade responsibility.
          • Pointed the finger at the oil rig operating company Transocean for the explosion in 2010
        • Unsure
        • Actions were never responsive to disasters
          • When stuff happens, a true leader should apologize quickly and take responsibility. The focus of attention should be victims.
        • chief executive 2007-2010
        • Unforfilled promises (change the culture and emphasize safety)
      • Bob Dudley
        • Improve their safety records
        • we will come out of this a wiser and stronger company.
    • Government Polices
      • American government distancing themselves from bp
      • Fined for ever leak that hits the ocean.
    • Culture
      • Try to please investors and forget all the other stakeholders
        • Pay out billions in dividends every quarter
      • Profit
        • Known for cutting costs do everything to be profitable.
          • Impacts safety because they lost too many of the industry knowledge
            • Nothing is maintained well.
              • Under spent on safety measures (profit only objective)
      • Price elasticity is very high
        • Drivers buy the cheapest they can
      • Corporate culture
      • Risk Takers


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