Boxing Day Tsunami 2004

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  • Boxing Day Tsunami 2004
    • Causes
      • Earthquake measuring over 9.0 on the Richter scale
    • Events
      • 13 countries were effected, the worst being Indonesia
      • The wave travelled at 800km/h
    • Effects
      • Short term
        • 250,000 people were killed
        • 2 million people were made homeless
        • Mangrove swamps acted as a barrier to some areas by reducing he speed of the tsunami
        • Aid
          • Water purification tablets
          • Temporary housing
          • Medical supplies
          • Mainly provided by international countries
      • Long term
        • Aid
          • Early warning system between countries surrounding the Indian ocean set up
          • A total of $14 billion was raised
        • Some areas still without clean water 6 months later
        • 600,000 people lost their livelihoods
          • All those in the fishing industry and 30% of those in the agriculture industry




Something you could add:

Where did the Tsunami take place?

Was it an LEDC or MEDC?

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