GCSE Geography AQA Boxing Day/Asian Tsunami Case Study

Mindmap on the Boxing Day Tsunami for geography AQA course

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  • Boxing Day Tsunami
    • Responses
      • Longer Term
        • Warnings passed on by radio, TV, email,bells, megaphones and loudspeakers
        • Formal warnings sent to other countries
        • Restored Mangroves
          • Natural barrier to absorb wave power
          • Helps to protect coastlines and inland areas from tsunamis
        • Early warning system in the Indian Ocean
      • Shorter Term
        • The UK donated £330mill (not from Government)
        • $7bn was donated
        • The UN's World Food Programme provided food aid
        • Clean water, food, tents and plastic sheeting arrived as aid
    • Causes
      • Tsunami speed 835km/hr to 50km/hr by land fall
      • Jolt of moving plates displaced water above
      • Height at landfall 20m
      • Between 9 and 9.3 on the Richter scale
    • Countries Involved
      • India
        • Salt water destroyed arable land
        • South-East was worst affected
        • Most jetties were destroyed
      • Sri Lanka
        • 400 000 people lost jobs
        • Homes and crops destroyed
        • Southern and Eastern coastlines hit
      • Thailand
        • The dead included 1700 foreigners from 36 countries
        • West cosat hit - including islands and tourist resorts
      • Indonesia
        • Up to 70% of some coastal populations were killed or missing
        • Closest inhabited area to the earthquake's epicentre


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