Bowles & Gintis 1976

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  • Bowles & Gintis
    • 1976
      • Marxist Sociologists
    • Research was on schools in the USA
      • Concluded that the role of education is the reproduction of the workforce
    • Supported Althusser's that there is a close correspondence between the social relationships in the classroom and those in workplace
      • Rewards are external, studying for good grades not for enjoyment is exactly like working for a paycheck not enjoyment
    • Argue rewards are based on social background rather than ability
    • The hidden curriculum is believed to be
      • Punctuality
      • Hardwork
        • Values are the same
      • Obedience
    • education system was just a 'giant myth-making machine'
      • which brainwashed children into through the hidden curriculum into obedience and the attitude they need for work


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