Bowlby's Theory.

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  • Bowlby's theory (A.S.C.M.I)
    • Attachments are ADAPTIVE.
      • Attachment behaviour promotes survival because it ensures safety and food for offspring.
      • It is an adaptive behaviour because individuals who are attached are more likely to survive and go on to reproduce.
    • SOCIAL releasers.
      • Infants are born with innate social releasers eg crying and smiling, and have cute faces which elicit caregiving.
      • Attachment is a two way process, it depends on the involvement of both parent/child and on social releasers.
    • CRITICAL period.
      • Bowlby claimed that if an attachment does not take place before the age of 2 1/2 then it is much more difficult thereafter.
      • Bowlby claimed that infants need 1 special attachment and is qualitatively different from all others.
      • This attachment will form with the individual who has offered the most sensitive responsiveness.
    • INTERNAL working model.
      • Infants may have internal working models of their environment.
      • One of the internal working models is the knowledge about his/her relationship with the primary attachment figure.
      • The IWM generates expectations about what other relationships will be like in the future.


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